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Manakeep 728x90
(Jan 25, 2012)
anyone out there
(Jan 13, 2012)
n-noo... I use facebook.
(Jan 12, 2012)
Loser >:|
(Jan 11, 2012)
Plus I don't use skype >.>
(Jan 11, 2012)
I have a yahoo and gmail email, but I don't use those for communications.
(Jan 06, 2012)
Dark why i dont have u on my msn/skype? >:|
(Jan 05, 2012)
Pics or GTFO
(Jan 05, 2012)
Sir there is no fapping allowed in this shoutbox.
(Jan 03, 2012)
(Jan 03, 2012)
(Jan 01, 2012)
Happy New Year Guys!!
(Dec 30, 2011)
(Dec 25, 2011)
Merry Christmas Everyone!
(Dec 24, 2011)
Hey Skairix, what happened to your guild? Can't find it on the town list anymore?
(Dec 23, 2011)
(Dec 16, 2011)
Kiba's new post is truely the epitome of sadness.
(Dec 16, 2011)
WE'll miss you Kiba, if you are ever back on F2P hit me on FB and i'll join :)
(Dec 15, 2011)
For anyone who would like to get in touch with me you can add me on MSN or mail me at
(Dec 15, 2011)
Wow... Kiba's new post just slapped the shit outta me...
(Dec 15, 2011)
APB IS full of hackers, it annoys the hell out of me. But the game is very good.