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Kiba / Sep 30, 2011
We will be expected to be defending our territory on Saturday. I have a sign up on the event calendar where you can decide to be support/tank/damage. I encourage everyone that can be there to sign up so I can know how many people we will have to help defend. Saturday morning I will be on to talk about how we are going to work through this and plan with everyone.

Kiba / Sep 26, 2011
Okay, okay, I must tell you how I reacted when I heard we had finally won TW. I read the text from Skairix jumped up and hug tackled our guildmate Vvass irl. I was smiles,laughs, and excited all at once...I must've looked like an addict. >_>; Now back to a more formal format...<3

Defiance, you all have amazed me. My sense of pride for each and every one of you has shot through the roof, higher then I thought it could have ever been. We took a territory for the first time. This is so exciting I don't even know how to explain! It's been a goal of mine to get our guild a territory and after so long I was noticing a frustration from a few people about losing time after time no matter how high our score was. A couple of the top guild leaders would smash it in my face that we would lose to them (Even though our score was proof they weren't close to protecting) and each time I would just nod and say yes we did lose, but with each one we continue to grow. All the practive we've gotten has shined through each time in TW, and trust me- we got offers to merge with guilds including Legacy. I'm glad we have indeed lived up to our name. . . Defiance. We shoved back all those odds against us and have done it! I can't express how happy I am for everyone. Let's keep going!

I want to hold a guild party of a sort and have a good event for you all when I am able to get back to my regular gaming time. You guys deserve it.

The screen shot contest is still going on in the forums, go check it out to win prizes!

Good Job Defiance.
Kiba / Sep 21, 2011
Great news members of Defiance, today I've got a lot of news and updates for you!

Likely Guild Merge
We have a guild wanting to merge with us GundamWing. You've more then likely heard about this already but we are getting closer to it happening. I'm still sorting through different things to make it happen and before I put my full seal of approval I would like more feedback from you guys. With a merge we will get more members for all of us to get to know, party with, dungeon, raid, and join TW. Without your feedback I can not know how you may be feeling. So far people seem to be up for it which makes me very happy. I wouldn't be making such a decision if I didn't think it wasn't best for you guys and it is most defiantly a good choice for us.

New Guild Insignia
I made us a new Insignia, this is the representation of my goal for our guild and the point of it's existence. To not abuse power like the bigger guilds do, we know a balance of power and social. The sword representing the strength we have and each scale our other qualities such as friendship, social, helpfulness. I believe this is a good insignia, I would like feedback since your opinion does matter to me, and if it's not liked by over half I will change it back.

On the other hand...
We only have about 17k fame left to level!! Our next guild level will give us more statues and another rank for us to use. It costs 15,000G to level up so grind those quests to help us earn money and fame. Keeping up with the guild town tends to drain our cash but helps it come in too so any spare change you want to donate will really help us out.
Winning Territory Wars will also bring in a lot of money so actively participating is key for Defiance's success!

Guild event funding
Most of the guild event prizes come out of my own pocket so it can take periods of time before I can run them for you guys. I don't mind but there has been a urge for more lately and I can't keep up on them on my own at the moment. If you would like to help out financially with guild events send gold and/or items to Kiba. Specify it's for the events, thank you!

The screen shot contest is still going on in the forums, go check it out to win prizes!
Kiba / Sep 16, 2011

I'm very happy to see who all attended the guild event with DeadlyKing's had a great time! I'm looking forward to many more fun times with each other.

Things to look forward to:
  • Upcoming photo shoot for our guild. *Date being tossed around right now*
  • More TW!
  • Getting closer to level five guild. (Grind those quests guys it will be amazing! <3)
  • More voice chat, a couple more people are getting mics so come on and join us on xfire. Xfire Information Post Here

Kiba / Sep 15, 2011
Today at 7pm central time we will be having a hide and seek event with our alliance DeadlyKings and their leader Goose. It will work by his members hiding on diffrent maps then us seeking them out through clues and everytime you find someone you will get a prize. Then me and a few guildmates will hide for them to seek us out on the diffrent maps also.
We will be giving clues and hints throughout so that everyone has a fair chance.
More information will be given when the time comes, I have class until 7pm personally so I won't be able to arrive until 7:10-7:30 depending on traffic.
Get on Xfire tonight for us to work together if you have a mic, or chat with us with text in the chat room! Let's have some fun guys!
DeadlyKings recently got their own guild town, so say gratz!

Let's have fun!

Kiba / Sep 13, 2011
I've stuck to updates about Defiance but I feel like I must post something along these lines to really show how I feel about everyone. Please excuse this informal format this time. :)
After the past few TW we've been through i'm always so proud of how everything goes for Defiance. With only eight or less people we manage to hold our name up on that board to the very end! This means our guild has become a group that works together in battle almost flawlessly. On top of all of this i've seen a huge extending hand from our members with helping out new and old members alike still around. Guild leaders have already been aiming for us because they now we are a threat to their territory and members in which that come to join us. We are a great guild, and people know that with respect for all of us. What i'm trying to really say have all made me so proud. Everyone who has come and gone has left their mark on Defiance to push and help us grow more and more. Our members are all here to support eachother and myself in such a way I can truely say I don't see other guilds with this kind of respect system working.

We work together in battle, keep up with social. We are drama free. We are a communtiy.

We are Defiance.

Thank you everyone for all your hard work. You guys all mean so much to me and I know we will continue defying every single one of those guilds who dare to underestimate us.
Kiba / Sep 07, 2011

Since [Defiance] is heading in a more social direction I find voice chat to be important for people who like to chat while playing.After thinking for a long time and doing a lot of research I find that the services of Xfire will do the best to meet our needs. The service can handle up to 50+ free calls in a group and it's good quality sound. On top of that Xfire has cool features:
Xfire XO Toolbar

Detect and record web games
Instant Messenger Integration

Chat with AIM and Windows Live friends
Friend Finder

and a TON more that I just haven't listed.

I decided this will be our official voice server host unless we run into problems.

To join download here Xfire website.
Once you've downloaded add me at the username kibanator (Pretty cool right :P) and i'll add you to our [Defiance] group.

Thank you,

P.S. Check out the guild message board in-game for other reminders too daily!
Kiba / Sep 06, 2011
Yesterday I saw a break through in TW for Defiance.
WE managed to defend a crystal perfectly, by working together swifty and in a orderly fashion.
I'm so pleased to see this and let's continue to do this in the future.
The only issue I see for us is the need for numbers in TW, please continue to recruit even if i'm offline. There is a message on the guild board in game about what kind of players we are looking for. I am keeping my eyes out too so let's continue to grow together. We have so much to prove and I believe in all of you.