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Weekly Update

Kiba / Nov 21, 2011

This week we will be having a guild event again!
Wasn't last nights fun? :3
I had alot of laughs along with a couple of our officers Keke & Wrath while setting it up and watching you guys running across trying to get pasts all those mobs.
This weeks event will take place Sunday again.
This event will be "Beggarz"
You will take your level one character into aven ( I will more then likely teleport you)
and run around asking people for gold. Use your best abilites to flatter or plain out annoy people to get some gold. BUT!!! Be careful you don't want yourself getting into too much trouble. The goal of this is the one who collects the most gold will win *prize to be announced* . This will be funny and a bit of a chaotic mess for those WTFing over what your doing.
All I ask is that you guys don't be inside the actual guild or else they might think we are all n00bz.




You are all n00bz >_>
we are of course returning the gold right?
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