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Lots of stuff going on guys :)

Kiba / Nov 14, 2011

(Yes, this updates a little late but i've been super busy ^_^)

We hit level five, woot woot! I'm glad to see we've gotten this far. You all did very well and I know we will hit level six in no time. I wont be encouraging major work on it for a while since I know everyone ( including myself ) would enjoy a little break from that goal. With level five we got a second warehouse + new rank in the guild. As most of you noticed before I got a chance to write the update I've decided the "Consumed" title will be for our guild officers. Officers will handle recruiting, events, help just everyday things that I might not be able to do on my own. I've set up a application system where if you are interested in taking your membership a step up and helping out the guild more you can fill out the application and as I see needed I will accept or turn down applications.
You can fill one out -> here.

Keep your eye out for event updates this week, i'm hoping to run a few for everyone!




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