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Kiba / Nov 02, 2011

Halloween Event Ends!
Kiba's drawing for Protestors Sign (Alpha)
Was done Halloween day and the winner was dundundundun..VezOkma.
Congratz and thanks for all the fun entries, I enjoyed looking through them especially all the stalkers in my room XD! Your prize will be mailed by tonight.

If you enjoyed this or maybe didn't go to our Event Feedback Thread to post your thoughts to help improve guild events. : )

30 Days Till Level 5!

I've started the countdown clock, now it's up to everyone to work together to raise the funds for level five guild! This is our goal as a whole so spread the word and let's do our best to reach it. With level five guild we get more open room for new members and a second warehouse is available for us to fill with helpful goodies.

Guild Help Days
I'd like to introduceGuild Help Days you can check out that thread to read about the details.

That's it for now everyone, have a great day.




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