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Another TW won and new website design

Kiba / Oct 07, 2011
Once again today we've beaten then odds and won again! I'd like to congratulate everyone who helped, and those who couldn't be there for their best wishes today. It was exciting as usual plus we get to reap the rewards for a week until we defend it again which I will set up meetings for this coming week so keep checking in to see the newest updates. Getting even closer to level five now too my best guess is that within a week we will be level five! This is a huge step for us to continue to expand our membership even more throughout Eden. I decided to update the site into a more Halloween fashion for the month so I hope everyone likes it. ^_^ Keep up the good work Defiance!



agh i missed it T.T
Yeah, i didn't get the Memo either. But we won so Yay!!! XD
It's ok guys! There are still plenty of TW to be won :D
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