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For those who want to keep in touch with guild members

As everyone should know by know, The guild for Eden Eternal is being shutdown. I want to make this thread for those who want to keep in touch with the friends we have all made over the time of our occupancy. It's not hard to download a new game an...
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It maybe a little to late for this... Or not... Hi im Evo :'3 I play runner bard, tank and DPS classes. I like to help as long as i'm not busy doing other stuff..I guess most of you should already know me or have been helped/ran or have leeched me...
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Because I dont think these are really good for the contest I thought I would put them here. Enjoy!The inside of my Dog:Me defeating the crystal alone, wanted to sing All By Myself :PRunning a dungeon as a guild. (Vileshark HQ)Mouseh dancing for Ki...
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Crimson Trial 60 Bug

Today in a happy farm time... i found this bug! >_<'''when i dropped a 60 weap in crimson... like "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" *5 sec after* "HOOOOOOOOOOOW?! O_O" *15sec after "MOTHER OF GOD! THIS IS THE TRIAL!"idk how report this ._.I taked some scree...
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I'm new to the program, I have downloaded it, what should I do next?
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Tiny problem...

Don't wanna sound over involved but not a lot of people are joining the site or xFire, even those that have joined do not use it, no posts in the forums or anything... I've noticed lot's of people leaving, im thinking that if we encourage them to ...
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New pics

They were greater in my head... anyway fun with them :D
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Rebel Get together!!

This picture signifies how great we will be as a team :DAnd this one is just random :D (not for contests since it is a group picture)Nice :D
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Defiance on Facebook

Well basically i made an account for it but its being really weird.. I cant search anything, my profile is a bit of a mess- I havent put much effort into it yet but I will. Anyway im just wondering if people can leave the links to their Defiance f...
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First topic evah!

That's all lol.
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