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#5258818 Nov 22, 2011 at 02:34 PM · Edited 8 years ago
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On the Aeria games website and not the Eden Eternal website. There has been an announcement for Ursun and Halfkin Patch that is coming soon!

The announcement should be right on the front page stating:

"Champion the tall and fierce Ursun, or befuddle your enemies as the small and cunning Halfkin. Enjoy their unique ability to craft valuable tools to aid you in battle. Ready yourself for new maps, new quests, a new class and much much more!"

As of now there is a "More" Button you can press to take you to a new page to give you more detail, but right now it doesn't seem like they have everything ready. The "More" button just takes you right to the Eden Eternal website.

#5260250 Nov 22, 2011 at 09:20 PM
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Here's the "More" info that has been updated.

• Two brand new races join Eden Eternal!
Players can now play as the fierce, bear-like Ursun and the mischevious Halfkin!

• Character-limit has been increased to 5 slots!
Players will now be able to create up to 5 characters total instead of 3.

• Two brand new racial crafting skills have been introduced!
Along with the new playable races comes two more racial crafting skills: Embroidery and Engraving! The Halfkin can embroider special enchantments for fame trophies, while the Ursun can create equipable glyphs that are used to add class-specific stat bonuses!

• Class Glyph System has been implemented!
Using the all new Class Glyph System, players can now equip glyphs which add stat bonuses. Each glyph is class-specific, and players can equip multiple glyphs if they have multiple classes unlocked. The more classes you have unlocked, the more bonus-stats you can stack!

• Alpaca Tokens and Mystery Capsule Machines have been added!
Are you in need of a new fashion wardrobe or just love collecting stuff? Players can earn Alpaca Tokens from completing repeatable quests or dungeon guild quests, then try their luck with Eden Eternal’s newly installed Alpaca Prize Machines! Visit the Mystery Capsule Machines located in the alpaca farms in Tranquil Hill and Highlands for a chance to win permanent and exclusive costumes!

• Legendary Achievements have been added!
Spice up your character stats and brag to your friends! Players can now earn permanent stat bonuses and receive rare titles by completing high-end, challenging achievements!

• Halloween Event in aven has been replaced by NPC Professor Koss!
Due to popular demand, the Halloween Event has been removed and Professor Koss is temporarily back from vacation. Players can visit him once every 2 hours for a special EXP bonus.

• War stone requirements for Blueprints from NPC Assistant Veskal has been decreased

• The Archives have been updated.

• Various localization issues have been addressed.

• Completed book quest in Fergal Valley not relaying achievement

• Music still plays even if Music Volume is set at 0.

• Assistant Teren's talk text is not functioning correctly

• Brand new Heroic Trial dungeons!
Now that we finally got you all this content, we begin testing new Heroic Trials right away! We're very excited to release them to you, and we hope to have them in before Christmas (mid-december)!
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