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#5254202 Nov 21, 2011 at 02:48 PM · Edited 8 years ago
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All you have to do is answer the questions, either answer on here or send mail to my IGN Kekekekeh. I will screenshot them and post them for you :P Please DON'T whisper me as it wont screenshot well. The closing date is Monday 28th November 2011.

The person who gets all/ the most questions right wins. If more then one person gets all the correct answers I will put the names into Kibas random name generator and get a winner.

The prize will be one of the following depending on the gender of your character.


Question 1. Who is this?

Question 2. Where is this?

Question 3. Who is this Spy?

Question 4. What Boss is this? (bare in mind this has been made for all levels)

Question 5. Who is this lovely lady?

Question 6. Easy one, Who is this?

Question 7. Who is this Boss?

Question 8. Who is this? (Hes not an EMO!!!)

Question 9. Where is this ship?

Last one.
Question 10. Who is this? (Clue: Come visit me :P)

There we go have fun guessing :P

Please can you post your IGN(in game name) with your answer and which outfit you would like.
Plus dont cheat!!!!

Love you all,

Kirsty (Kekekekeh)
#5258649 Nov 22, 2011 at 01:54 PM
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1) Mount Merchant

2) Alpaca Ranch in Tranquil Hill

3) I believe it's wardens character. It's RPG standing in our guild town.

4) Fort Vendure boss Quade.

5) Love Oracle Dia.

6) Kiba <3

7) Fort Vendure boss Ketak.

8) Service Off. Assist. Goth. (He's Emo)

9) It's the ship behind the two big ship's at Avens Pier.

10) Eden Glen Innkeeper.

Prize wanted: Mysterious Summer Kimono.
#5259309 Nov 22, 2011 at 04:26 PM
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1) Mount Merchant Ziglar

2) Camina Ranch in Tranquil Hill

3) RPG

4) Fort Vendure Boss Quade

5) Love Oracle Dia

6) Kiba and her huge thighs

7) Fort Vendure boss Ketak

8. Service Off. Assist. Goth.

9. South West of Aven, at the Pier in the water.

10) Eden Innkeeper

Prize wanted: Mysterious Yukata

viva Warden~
#5259447 Nov 22, 2011 at 04:56 PM
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1: Mount Merchant (Ziglar)
2:Tranquil Hill Camina Ranch(near traveling merch. Rel)
3:RPG (warden)
4: Fort verdure's first boss (Quade)
5: Love Oracle (Dia)
6: Kikiba (Kiba)
7: Fort verdure's second boss (Ketak)
8: Service Off. Asst. (Goth) [mr. frog! :3]
9:Avens pier [I belive it is the yellow thing on map x:80 y:170]
10: Eden Innkeeper at Guild Town

In game name: Popiee
Outfit: Female (yukata)
Gaaao :3
#5283799 Nov 28, 2011 at 12:46 PM
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Well entry is now closed .. .. stay tuned for the winner later, plus I will be putting up all the entrances sent to me.
#5283872 Nov 28, 2011 at 01:02 PM
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These are the screenshots of the answers I got sent to me personally, I felt very loved by you all. Especially Warden who answered twice :P.

Okie Dokie lets start this:

Warden XD, this doesnt mean you get your name put in the hat twice :D

Takuri, Gratz on answering so fast.

Jakchet, Umm you didnt tell me which one you wanted o.O

Evoker, Yes theres 2 screenshots for this one coz you changed your mind on one of the questions. Before I get complained at I never said you couldn't change your mind :P

Lastly Asalyn, Thank you very much for answering and sending me an extra message with the costume you want.

Also a great BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered, there should be a new event on Thursday!!!!!!! Its gonna be a good fun one.
#5283923 Nov 28, 2011 at 01:14 PM
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Right last post, The answers :D

1. Ziglar the mount merchant in Aven
2. Tranquil Hill.
3. RPG
4. Quade
5. Love oricle Dia
6. Kiba
7. Ketak
8. Goth
9. Aven
10. Guild Town Inn Keeper

So there we go the correct answers, which most of you got :P.

The Winner is....


And heres the proof:

Im sorry to all the people who didn't win, and if you didn't enter all I have to say is WHY?

Anyway that was fun.

Kirsty/ Kekekekeh
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