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#5205083 Nov 10, 2011 at 02:16 PM
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Guide from trew01

1) download ventrilo at click to download client version 3.0.1 (do not download the Alpha version)

2) After installation follow these steps. I have provided pictures to assist those who have never used the program as well.

Creating a user and connecting to the server.

1) Find the user

2) click the -> to create a new user

3) Click the new tab

4) After creating a name you want people to see you as hit ok and move onto the next step.

Server setup:
1) Find the Server option

2) Click the -> to open the server settings

3) Click New to create a connection to the server

4) Where it says Hostname or IP enter the IP: Enter the Port number next:
Ask me ingame for the information.

Once done click ok and click the connect button on the right hand side of Ventrilo.

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