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#4978583 Sep 22, 2011 at 01:05 AM
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This here is for people to read on how to make guild fame to increase our level!

First of are Guild Quests which are 10 Fame per quest, also a good way to lvl exp and Classes and meet other players around your level.

Second are dungeon Guildquests which are 20 fame per pop, better exp and drops but take longer, recommended if you have a good party and you all agree to keep running dungeon.

Third: Not sure how this works but gathering items inside our town gives us Fame, not sure how this all works...

Trick: Learned from Skai, Go to summoner in our town and purchase the cheapest summon scroll there is (the amount depends on you), each summon is 1 fame for guild and monsters are weak, so just do a few of those each day (i do around 50 but any amount is good) and youll be ranking up in no time... Soon we will be a Lvl 5 Guild and with more member we will be able to Defy anything...

That being said we can already defy anything if we wish :D

This is only the beginning...
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