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Kiba / Dec 15, 2011
Hello everyone Kiba here. This will be a very long post so brace your kind self.
I explain how Defiance came to me, leadership and such. If you like a good story : )
If you hate long posts, bottom paragraph for the main information you need.

First, I'd like to start by apologizing for my lack of activity in-game. I've been sick and lots of irl stuff has been going on personally. I've talked to those who have me added on MSN & Facebook as I have had the opportunity. This past week I've been going over my time running this guild. I've met so many faces, more then I'll ever be able to count. Running a guild is like a sea of faces where some see you for who you are and stick around while others vanish in a blink of inactivity where you began a relationship and you are suddenly cut off. Like any MMO people disappear while others are right by your side. Defiance offered me a fresh view of support and kindness I've never experienced before on an MMO in many years. Friendships have bonded to my heart and through this computer screen I have gotten to know each and everyone of you who has stood tall and support me and the guild brilliantly. We've gone from nothing to something. We raised through ranks helping each other and slowly leveling the guild- sometimes really fast. It all varied from what time to how active our guild became. Personally this guild is a gem in my eye ever since I got handed the guild. For those who do not know the story of how Defiance fell into my arms- here you go.
I started on another server of Eden Eternal actually, and when Garnet was released my [GS] friend from another Aeria game said I could easily become a Game Sage on that server since it's not full and I've already been reviewed before and met the criteria before deciding to move onto another game. I had that dream for a while so I jumped right on and made Kiba.

From there I solo'd for a bit before someone invited me to Defiance, Oryan. For a while I began to get to know people especially DarkestMagi- The guild founder, Zocktross one of the other lower levels, Vespula another friend, and one of Defiance's future council members Oryan.

Suddenly I found myself surrounded by helpful faces- friends. We all worked together, but I slowly fell behind. At this time, the cap was still level 45. Many days..weeks passed and we became a close group. A problem arises- the level cap was taking too long. People sat around bored at cap (which is still happening*) and at that time there was no end game of any sort for players other then chit chat, fame & dgn grinding and helping. More and more time passed, no patch. Each day people started disappearing, and soon my great buddy Zock was gone, then many others. It was my first time in a while feeling the family disappear. Then the guild busted into life again, Magi recruited and those people recruited and soon the guild was bustling with life and new faces. Magi disappeared for a few days. He logged back in, handed the guild over to a random new person and then logged off. His reasoning being there was too many people he doesn't know in the guild. Magi just wasn't ready to be a leader I believe. I'll spare him my ridicule. When I logged in and saw this I begged- yes Kiba begged this person for leadership. They handed it over and from that day I was the leader of Defiance.

Now, i'll fast forward. This post is getting so long...haha. I'll just talk about the single most important person on Eden Eternal that helped this guild and myself.

Soon Skairix stepped up in the guild becoming my second in command. He offered me everything he had, and helped me beyond anything I ever imagined. He gave me the backbone I needed to take charge and steer us towards the goals we had at the time. We grew, grew and grew. More friends appeared and others vanished silently over the months. It still bothers me now to be left in wonder to where those great people vanished to...everyone does mean a lot to me. Skairix and I became great friends and as a leader I felt more support from him then I had ever before- from anyone. With him and my members combined everyone had this overwhelming future and looked to me to get it done. So, I set out to do so. There was many ups and downs, members lost, guilds coming after me Skairix provided me someone to release my concerns and feelings to when I needed it the most. He's really the best second in command i've ever had.

Fast forward.

After many months, and over 100 days of him being my second Skairix decided to branch off into his own guild. I stood by and still do by his decision. Every leader must not hold back from those who need to be let go...go.
Taking the wheel alone was most difficult for me. Revival guilds noticed quickly he was no longer with Defiance and the hateful whispers and comments started hitting me again, killing the joy of playing with everyone. They waited until I was weak and they did it right haha. I have to admit, after Skairix I found myself without the drive I always had. It became very hard but then I stepped up for myself and the guild and started again.
Eventually pulling it back together I've brought in new members and quick most of them disappeared.

That's all I feel like sharing about that, I rather not drown everyone in my thoughts...

I've just come a point as a leader- and a person.
I've put hundreds of hours into solely running this guild, living and breathing Defiance. I've made hundreds of friends which a handful is still around. Eden Eternal is not really entertaining for me anymore it's honestly full of ghosts of everyone who has come and gone. Our achievements are great and friendship is valued over everything and will always continue as long as you allow it to. I've watched my baby grow up quickly and grow strong. I'm satisfied at how long and well we've done. Over many months I've noticed a trend in this game, and soon realized how it's like any other Aeria game. Any other free to play MMO basically, there's no stability for a leader. It's free to play so people can come and go easily, the graphics are OK, the player base is usually people new to the world of gaming, and the content is incredibly limited. It's hard to keep scraping up new people and it's worn on me. It's made running the guild a bigger hassle then something I really loved to do. The fact is my dearest friends, I'm going to be shutting down the guild. I know we've each worked so hard and done so much but I honestly can't play this game anymore. It's no longer for me and I feel like feeding this guild any longer is a waste of time. I don't see a future for EE. I'm very sorry. I don't know really other way to say it. I will stand by this decision.
I have guilds open to taking you in if you don't know where to go by next Friday. I know it's sudden but the guild is already mostly gone. I feel like this is the right time. I will always be here to talk with you, I am your friend no matter if the guild is above your head or mine.

This guild has given me memories which cannot be replaced and a joy of gaming that I had lost for a while in this muddled world which is online. Selfish people who do not share, yet I found everyone here together and we have became a family of friends who have all made a difference on Eden Eternal. Each and every one of you....thank you for always supporting me. Through every swing and turn I had people backing me up and holding me high. Out of all the guilds I've ever met they never talked of their leader the way you spoke of me to people. I've never had such a sweet, kind, caring, loving, of members who are so loyal. While writing this I have done my best to not be too emotional but you guys have been the best. I must urge you please keep in contact.
I have my information of the guild board, my msn is or you can even email me if you like.

I will be around... for now it looks like I'm going to be playing Rift.
If you play or ever do your always welcome where I am.
If you plan to still play please leave the guild by next Friday, or I will be forced to kick you. Defiance is shutting down.

I will be having a going away party on the day of the closing.
Please come and say goodbye, it would mean alot to me

We are Forever Defiance,
You will always be remembered.