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How to use: Ventrilo

Guide from trew011) download ventrilo at click to download client version 3.0.1 (do not download the Alpha version)2) After installation follow these steps. I have provided pictures to assist those who have nev...
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Kekekekeh's How To Guide

This is my screenshot how to guide :D.The first thing you have to do is take the screenshot/s using the PRINT SCREEN button on your keyboard it may say PRT SC or something similar.Thats all that has to be done in game, very simple.Next is the har...
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Ultimate Guide List

Beginner's Guides[Guide] A new player's walk through of Eden Eternal - Varethien[Guide] Liddokun's Eden Eternal Tips 'n Tricks - Liddokun[Guide] Limestone Mountain - SaltylovesCharacter Stats and Heroic Traits[Info] Stats and Attack Types - koager...
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